Life Coaching

I’m writing this after having a couple coaching sessions with Zvezdana. I have never felt so sure and amazing until I had session with Zvezdana. Everything I felt she described in detail. It’s as if she was connected to my soul. Most importantly, I’ve never felt so amazing and positive. Zvezdana provided healing in parts of my soul and in my situation that I can’t begin to describe in words. Her gift was natural and honest. A true priceless thing to be able to offer to others in this life. You won’t be disappointed. I promise you this. I’m already looking forward to my next session.

Dagmara Sterbinsky

Zvezdana offered me a coaching session and I was very excited to participate given my interest in my higher consciousness. I did not know what to expect going into our session but was filled with positive energy from the start thanks to her bright and welcoming personality. She began to explain to me the process and how we would go about connecting. She made the environment very calm and meditative while still being lighthearted and fun so it didn’t seem overly serious. Zvezdana is a truly real person and is attentive to your feelings and needs. Once we were connected she began saying things that had very significant meaning to my life, past and present! These were not just generalized topics that could apply to any average person, she had details and I became more immersed in the experience because of this. She gave messages that I may not have found on my own for quite some time. I was able to ask specific questions regarding almost anything I could think up and she would address them through the universe. She allowed me to be open and receptive to all that she was relaying to me. Once we completed our session she performed a cleaning to finalize the session and disconnect from my energy. I left with a smile and so many answers towards my life that I felt very uplifted! Zvezdana is amazing and truly gifted! On a second session she performed Energy healing. This applied to myself in general, as well as a few topics i chose to select. Once again she was dead on with details that had us both in chills and smiles! She is very professional yet extremely personable. If you have the opportunity to experience a coaching session with her, by all means go for it!

Branden Carrisalez

I wanted to find out how I can change my life to better. Zvezdana went right into the core of my challenges offering tools for overcoming them and self development which I am very excited to try out! It was such an interesting experience. Thank you again for the session honey!


Hello, I just wanted to thank you personally for your beautiful insight yesterday. The information is very valuable and healing and I appreciate your compassion, dedication and enthusiasm. Have a great day!


I thought Zvezdana was having a training in healing, but she is actually a true natural healer. She has an amazing gift. While in session I could feel energies going through my body and her words combined made me feel so relaxed and refreshed. Session was over the phone, we never met, but she described me and my life so well in details. At one moment while performing the healing she said she sees me holding onto my belly with my hands and releasing so much stress, and I told her I am doing exactly that!!” It was like she was physically there with me. We felt so connected! I was speechless. I left in so much gratitude and told her she must expand and share her gift with the world. She will be able to heal so many people. Thank you so much!


I am pleased to write this review for Zvezdana Savic who has such an extraordinary gift of words for coaching and energy healing. I personally know she has a pure heart, she is integral, caring, and spiritually accurate with her coaching. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my session and her way of advising me with the questions I asked. She first explains how everything works before she begins. She is definitely a great advisor who can provide excellent life guidance for those who need peace of mind and with hopes of looking forward to the future.

Arlene Joy

Zvezdana has an amazing gift of superb intuition! Her ability to advise and heal seems to be effortless! Sessions are always fun, and full of valuable insights! My experience in working with Zvezdana is phenomenal, and I highly recommend her services! It certainly worked for me. Thank you for all your work! Much love!!!



I am so happy and feel fortunate to have found Zvezdana. She is and has been such a positive soul and a welcome addition to our lives. My Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s over a year ago on top of her already existing type 2 diabetes condition. When my boyfriend and I transitioned her to our home as she needed full time care she was in poor health so it was imperative that we get her healthier while decreasing her prescription medications. When I found Zvezdana her interest in healthy living, patience, positivity and care was exactly what we were hoping for. Because of all these qualities we’ve seen great physical improvement as well as a positive shift in her mood. I couldn’t be any happier with a yoga teacher. We are lucky to have Zvezdana helping us. She is a bright light. Greta T.

Zvezdana is exceptionally talented and an excellent teacher!! Her energy and charisma enters the yoga space like a leaf on the wind. I’ve improved tremendously since becoming her student. My body is stronger and my mind is sharper, I feel as though I can conquer my daily life with great ease and joy. I would highly recommend Zvezdana to anyone who is looking to combat stress, fatigue and chronic pain. I hope anyone who has the opportunity to meet with Zvezdana will find it as delightful and enlightening as I did!

Cheer, Luis